The Ourense Archeological Museum is situated in the former Episcopal Ourense Palace, a seven-century-old building that has gone through several successive extensions, especially during Romanic, Gothic and Renaissance periods. This rehabilitation project highlights the value of the ancient Roman ruins recently discovered under the Romanic and Gothic floorings that would also become part of the permanent exhibition. It preserved the southern garden by using a green roof that spans the main entrance situated underneath, covers two historical courtyards as a sustainable feature and modifies the height of floor slabs to make the exhibition halls accessible to disabled people. Among the most outstanding halls are the main access area that uses the preexisting western garden as an outdoor rest area, while the ancient half circle archways highlight the entrance. Another exceptional room is that which houses a hanging staircase, between the Romanic Palace and the Gothic tower, a space that improves functional purposes by mixing uses such as a permanent exhibition tour, staff routes and a temporary exhibition exit. Both courtyards adapt to the shape of the perimeter with glass and steel roofings, and cor-ten brise-soleils are added where needed.