The Lyda cultural centre in Astorga occupies two different locations: the so-called new cultural building and the so-called “Manuel Gullón” Theater. The renovation of the “New Cultural Building” includes the construction of the new cultural building and the rehabilitation of the Library, situated on the building of the former hospice and on a plot with important Roman archaeological remains. The initiative of the “Manuel Gullón” theater consists on its rehabilitation as an Auditorium of the new cultural centre. Both locations are separated by 300 meters. In the first one, the project proposes the development of the current hospice building and its integration in the built complex. The project’s basic idea is the construction of a roof over a considerable part of the plot that covers the whole archaeological plot, the remodeled pedestrian street Luis Braille, the central square, the new facilities building and the former Hospice. This roof is designed as a garden roof with creeping plants and it is planned as a reservoir roof, which collects rain water for watering the garden in order to keep plant species with very little effort. The garden roof allows sunlight to pass through skylights, which are open to bring natural light to the public spaces below.