For the proposal to rehabilitate the building of the former provincial prison of Palencia, the decision was made to execute an imperative restructuring of the built grounds, as well as to create new pavilions in an architectural style respecting the original building and providing the essential functionality to the prison building. In accordance with this starting premise, projections include conserving the building's image, both in the front façade facing onto Valladolid Avenue and in the buildings that make up the central cross, with its corresponding gabled roofs topped with ceramic materials and the twin buildings that flank the entry space to this central cross. This conservation of the front façade must in parallel shape a new urban space. As an essential element for the opening of this civic centre for the city, the proposal designed for this project highlights the creation of a new urban space, which will be used as an antechamber for the building and a meeting space for residents. This urban space is enclosed to the north by a newly-constructed building, in which the new assembly hall will be located, which will be directly connected to the main entrance to this building.