The new hotel Fezzan, on the Cyrenaic coast, represents a proposal, which is halfway between a business travelers hotel and a hotel for tourists interested in visiting the region. The architecture combines the rationality of interior spaces with an exterior architecture that combines architectural elements of Arab origin with unmistakable features of a Mediterranean architecture, which proposes solutions to control the sunlight on the façade. The hotel is 8 stories high above ground level. The bottom floor is for common services and the rest of the floors house big double rooms. A basement has been designed for an indoor parking lot, a spa and a gymnasium. The display area is located on the bottom floor, with a large hall for the reception and welcoming the travelers. In this floor we can find common services such as the restaurant, the breakfast room, a terrace-bar, the room for banquets, conventions, the Internet room, etc. Both the restaurant and the bar open into an outdoor courtyard that leads to the garden, where we can find garden areas and swimming-pools.