The project for remodelling the area surrounding the Plaza Mayor Square is part of an ambitious programme executed by the Madrid Municipal Housing Company within the plan for the Preferential Rehabilitation of Plaza Mayor and Calle Mayor in which, along with the restoration of the buildings in this district, a complete remodelling of all the affected streets will also be executed. The basic plans consist of recovering the urban space for a primarily pedestrian use and area for coexistence, together with the elimination of the impact caused by the accesses to the underground car park on Plaza Mayor. The preliminary study conducted for the project’s conditioning factors revealed a complete degradation of the urban space in the porticoed section of Calle Toledo and Calle de la Sal, a complete occupation of the urban space by automobiles in Plaza de la Provincia and Plaza Santa Cruz and insufficient urban planning for Calle Mayor, inappropriate for its location and relevance. The essential proposals of the project include the complete urban redevelopment of Calle Mayor, with a significant increase in the width of the pavements and the introduction of small trees, the suppression of the access points to the underground car park on Calle Toledo and Sal and the remodelling of the pre-existing one on Calle Felipe III. The initiative for Calle Toledo stands out due to developing the exit from the car park towards the south and including a new exit, which will replace the one that is removed on Calle de la Sal. Works will be done in the Cava de San Miguel and Cuchilleros Streets, whose purpose is to recover an image of the road that is commensurate with the valuable buildings in the surrounding area.