The project generates a new urban layout with strong landscape character, with a strong direction towards the river; this direction is kept in the whole intervention. Olympic Park provides Zhangzhou with a great urban park in the new area of city growth. The park will be able to house important sports events and revitalize the South bank of Jiulong River, axis of Zhangzhou’s city growth. Also it enhances the riverside landscape, generating an avenue with two levels: one of them running parallel to the river’s bank, and the other leaning in top of the existing dam, which becomes a strong landscape element. On the other hand create a recognizable skyline in front of the city centre across the Jiulong River, establishing a strong visual connection between both river sides. A new urban layout is created with a clear landscape and strong aspects towards the river. Additionally, sports pavilions are arranged towards the main street axis that runs across the intervention area from East to West.