The necessary integration of this building with its surroundings must be done by taking the clear volumes and the most rational construction systems into account as composition objectives, favouring: The economy of means, the stability of resources and recycling, maintenance and conservation, minimal construction and structural complexity, the adaptation to the plot and environment with materials and solutions adapted to the site and the adaptability to the precise programme and to future adaptations, modifications and expansions. The school building is designed as a small three-story building in which different functional areas are established depending on the area and the floor. The building is accessed from the southern side, via an entry that is elevated and has stairs and ramps. This platform provides access to a covered porch that is open in the front, protected from the sun by means of a façade with metal slats. Inside, the building is laid out around a central courtyard that is employed to grant independence and light to the different school spaces. On the floor with rooms, the function is fulfilled of providing privacy for the entrances to the rooms. Outside, the form is generated by means of longitudinal semi-detached blocks running along the central longitudinal courtyard. The outside appearance of the building is defined by the placement of an alucobond sheet skin with a metal champagne-coloured finish that resolves each and every one of the building’s outside elements.