From a conceptual point of view, the proposal endorses the idea proposed in the basis: the reconstruction of the bridge with a diachronic construction language, which is fully compatible with the legislation for the heritage, with the basic idea of emphasizing the lightness in the proposal and not imitating the construction’s form and proportions. Consequently, the deck that has been proposed, from a structural point of view, works as a constant section Corten steel box beam of trapezoidal shape and with a 1 meter edge in its central part. The central part of the V is cut off to become a horizontal part and a simpler support for the bridge piers. This structural solution rests on pillars in vertical matrix, which free the banisters of the deck of its structural function, such as it was raised in the proposal that is joined to the competition, allowing this way a performance of these banisters with a lighter appearance that is more compatible with the bridge. The issue raised in the document on the conservation of the colony of the species Narcissus Cavanillessi conditions drastically the degree of intervention in the Portuguese zone. As far as we understand, this proposes a very Ruskinian vision of the restoration, promoting the preservation of the dilapidated and romantic aspects of the ancient monuments. We believe that this preservation would include, as well as the existing daffodils, part of the rest of the existing flora on the deck of the bridge, including current trees such as two small Holm oaks and two small olive trees.